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Twist Stick™ Lip Color Duo Set

  • NEW!  Duo Set perfect for gifting and sharing!
  • Sleek, slim and sexy, MOODmatcher® Luxe Twist Stick® Lip Color offers customized control as well as personalized lip color.
  • A slender, tapered tip provides more precise definition, making it easy to highlight the sensual curve of your lips for a perfect pout in seconds.
  • One step application locks in color with 12-hour staying power.

  • Wait 2 minutes for your MOODmatcher Luxe Twist Stick Lip Color to reach its “peak” of personalized color.
(4.9) 38 Reviews
Date: 02/15/18 Name: iris Location: chicago Age: 26-35
best lipstick
Effective, Great Color Selection, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well nice lipstick I love
Date: 12/17/17 Name: Cynthia Location: Michigan Age: 18-25
I love it
Absorbs Quickly, Easy To Use, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Non-Greasy, Noticeable Results I wear it every single day and always get compliments on it. I love it
Date: 11/08/17 Name: Barbara Location: Perth Australia Age: 36-49
Great product
Absorbs Quickly, Easy To Use, Goes On Smoothly, Great Color Selection, Long Lasting I was originally introduced to the luxe lipstick by a friend who didn’t like it so much because she didn’t think the colour suited her. I loved that I could apply it and it gave me colour for most of the day..... running around being a full time working mum this is my favourite aspect of the product. So I went online and bought 3 different colours to try...... initially I thought what a great gift.... but I am keeping them all for myself!!
Date: 10/31/17 Name: Emi Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL Age: 50+
Absorbs Quickly, Brightens Skin Tone, Easy To Use, Great Color Selection, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well I love the colors and it's very easy to apply. I wish moodmatcher will make regular lipstick as well.
Date: 10/23/17 Name: Angie Gomez Location: Queens, NY Age: 26-35
Mother in law loves it
Absorbs Quickly, Easy To Use, Effective, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great I got these for my mother in law. They can be very bold colors but mainly red and different shades of pink. My mother in law loves how creamy and smooth they are when they are applied and also how the color last long all day. When I got them they were in a shipping box wrapped in bubble wrap and packed so well. Shipping arrived so fast and for the price, you get a good product that really works and moisturizes your lips.
Date: 10/20/17 Name: Dina T. Location: Michigan Age: 18-25
Actually a long-lasting lipstick
Easy To Use, Effective, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well Seriously lasts and moisturizes my lips at the same time. Such a win win. And the colors are awesome!
Date: 10/18/17 Name: Stacey Stokes Location: Tomlinson Hill, NY Age: 26-35
Perfect for me
In general I hate lipstick and lip gloss. They're gooey, sticky, smeary, drying to the lips, and high-maintenance. After purchasing this product lipstick: I love it! It goes on soft and smooth and moisturizes my lips. You can apply just a little bit for a hint of color, or go over your lips a few times for slightly more intense coloring. The color looks good with my pale-ish skin and totally two thumbs up for this brand.
Date: 10/16/17 Name: Teresa Russell Location: Irving, WA Age: 18-25
Take it
The colors are beautiful and it doesn't dry out my lips like other lipstick do. It's smooth and keeps my lips soft without being overly glossy and sticky. It's also a great lip product for chapped lips because it doesn't have that cakey, peeling obvious chapped lips look that lipstick has when wearing. It smoothes and soothes lips reducing the look of dry, cracked flaking lips while still being able to have color on them. I use them everyday and love them.
Date: 10/10/17 Name: Mattie Collier Location: Teel Subdivision, ID Age: 26-35
Typically I use higher end makeup, however this came recommended. I was skeptical- but wow!!! This can totally beat high end products and I'm amazed with its quality. What a great lip color. It does stays on for quite a long time and doesn’t dry out my lips at all. Great product!
Date: 10/05/17 Name: Paulette Santiago Location: Chestnut, WV Age: 26-35
Happy with my purchase
It goes on very smooth and does moisturize your lips. The shade is gorgeous, I love it! It stays all day long even after meals, not too heavy for work, yet gives your lips a vivid tint.
Date: 10/04/17 Name: Hazel Ballard Location: Lookout Heights, DC Age: 26-35
In Love With It
Absorbs Quickly, Easy To Use, Effective, Goes On Smoothly, Lightweight, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great I honestly didn't expect it to work but since I'm addicted to using lipsticks I decided to take a chance and bought it. It really does change color and even stains your lips. It's very convenient if you want to go out for lunch or something and don't want your lipstick to wear out.
Date: 10/02/17 Name: Kellie Salazar Location: Milton, MN Age: 36-49
Moisturizing & Beautiful Pink!
I love the color and texture of this lipstick. Very moisturizing & beautiful color result for my lips. I drank my coffee and wiped some off and it is still on. Home run!
Date: 10/01/17 Name: Rochelle Ingram Location: Knox, ME Age: 26-35
Great stuff!
Absorbs Quickly, Convenient Container, Easy To Use, Effective, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well I love this lipstick because it doesn't taste or feel like lipstick usually does, it feels very light and natural.
Date: 09/29/17 Name: Maureen Schwartz Location: North Omak, HI Age: 18-25
The orange turns to a really nice shade of pink
Absorbs Quickly, Easy To Use, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Great Color Selection, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great I purchased the Orange , I didn't have any problems with it arriving broken or any other such complaint. The orange turns to a really nice shade of pink when I apply it. It does wear off a little bit when eating or drinking, but the color stays a lot better than your typical lipstick. Overall, a fun product.
Date: 09/21/17 Name: John Marshall Location: Frankford, UT Age: 36-49
Wife loves it
Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great After seeing a video on Instagram, I decided to purchase it for my wife and at first she was surprised at the color and now she loves it. she works in the beauty industry and her clients are loving the color and asked her for one. she also mentioned it last longer then other lipsticks
Date: 09/15/17 Name: Joanne Mcbride Location: Saint Lawrence, TN Age: 18-25
I love this lipstick!
Absorbs Quickly, Easy To Use, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great Lipstick is AMAZING. Super easy to apply, it doesnt feather, its very moisturizing and best of stays on FOR OVER 8 HOURS. This lipstick is not a matte - there is some shine to it.
Date: 09/11/17 Name: Michelle Location: Nova Scotia Age: 50+
Moodmatcher Metallic Moods Ruby
Absorbs Quickly, Convenient Container, Easy To Use, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Soothing Bought the Luxe Moodmatcher Metallic Moods color Ruby, and wow it was a great purchase. Makes your lips smooth and the beautiful color last so long. I don't normally wear lipstick because it never stays on my lips or smudges, but this stuff is great. I can eat, lick my lips, and it stays on my lips. It feels like a high quality chap stick on my lips. Glad I found this product, nice to use something that surprises you by beating expectations.
Date: 08/29/17 Name: Kari Tyler Location: Beech Bottom, NM Age: 26-35
Best lip stain on the market
Ordered on January 7th and delivered on January 11th. Neatly packaged and exactly as described by sell, it arrived in perfect shape. I ordered the yellow one and applied it at night before bed around 11PM, took about 3-5 minutes to start changing colors and it turned into a nice pink. I washed my face and did my regular nightly routine then went to bed. Woke up next morning at 6 am with my lips still pink and as though I had just applied the stain. Washed my face again and ate breakfast and it is now noon the next day and my lip color looks amazing. The pink I am describing is that of when you eat a popsicle and it stains your lips evenly. Very beautiful color. I have added gloss on top of it and gave it a nicer shade. HIGHLY recommend this item, seems to last longer than most lip stains claim to.
Date: 08/16/17 Name: Sanjay C. Location: Los Angeles, CA Age: 18-25
Best Lipstick!
Easy To Use, Effective, Goes On Smoothly, Moisturizes Well These are AMAZING! It goes on smoothly and each one has a different shade. My sister and I applied the same color and it's so cool how the end result is totally different. I love it and they're super moisturizing. Overall, I would really recommend it!
Date: 06/11/17 Name: Arleny Location: Houston, TX Age: 36-49
Best Lip color ever!
Easy To Use, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Long Lasting, Smells Great I just love it !!
Date: 04/12/17 Name: The Beauty Guru Location: Sydney Age: 18-25
Absorbs Quickly, Brightens Skin Tone, Convenient Container, Easy To Use, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Improves Skin Texture, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Non-Greasy, Noticeable Results, Smells Great, Softens Skin, Soothing My mother used this and once my grandma came over my mum introduced her mum and took her to a store nearby where they sell these my mother used to have the yellow one which is amazing she took my Grandma out and my grandmother picked the green one and loved it and once my grandmother left back to the country my mum bought greens n yellows for her sisters and they bought too much so they left some and they asked me if I want one and I picked green and it came out amazing love this prouduct but it if u ever get a chance to.
Date: 02/03/17 Name: Francesca P. Location: Portland, OR Age: 26-35
So Moisturizing!
Easy To Use, Goes On Smoothly, Great Color Selection, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Softens Skin, Soothing I can't wait to purchase more. These lipsticks have great color payoff and they're really hydrating for the lips as well!
Date: 01/25/17 Name: Angela M. Location: Boston Age: 18-25
Easy To Use, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well I'm a huge fan of Moodmatcher products, and this is one of my favorite products from their whole line - I have ALL the colors! Also loving the new sophisticated packaging.
Date: 08/07/16 Name: MARY H. Location: NEW YORK, NY Age: 26-35
Legit the perfect gift, or add-on gift. Given that I love MOODmatcher, so just saying, I like this 2-piece set idea A LOT!
Date: 08/05/16 Name: DIANA G. Location: WESTBURY, NY Age: 26-35
The Twist Stick is legit incredible. I love Moodmatcher generally, but this lipstick is just so pretty, and I like how its more like a pen or crayon. My friends this its amazing, too.
Date: 07/25/16 Name: Amanda Milburn Location: Canton, Ohio Age: 36-49
LOVE this!!!
Absorbs Quickly, Good Value, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well Love this and matches
Date: 12/19/15 Name: Jeri S Location: Age: 50+
I really like this lip color. It turns into a vibrant pink pomegranate with a subtle sheen that looks stunning.
Date: 11/28/15 Name: Jennifer Ball Location: Age: 18-25
This stuff is the best!
This stuff is the BEST! It reacts to your body chemistry so it looks different on everyone, but I let my friends try it and its universally flattering. I get compliments every time I wear it!
Date: 11/15/15 Name: Susan Location: FL, USA Age: 36-49
Ordering all the colors
I tried the Orange and it turned the most beautiful coral pink shade of lipstick. It looks pretty and so natural. I will be definitely ordering the rest of the colors!
Date: 09/05/15 Name: Orla Location: NC, USA Age: 50+
Still great
Nothing has changed from the amazing formula back in the 80s till now, except they've created these perfect Twist Sticks! Super convenient
Date: 08/10/15 Name: Roula Location: FL, USA Age: 36-49
Speedy delivery!
I received these fantastic products so quickly! Definitely recommending them to friends!
Date: 08/04/15 Name: Aaliyah Location: NY, USA Age: 18-25
This is my favorite lipstick of all time! I love that it’s green and turns to a fuchsia pink when I apply! It’s crazy, fun, and cool!
Date: 07/04/15 Name: Isabelle Location: MD, USA Age: 18-25
Lasts in Summer Heat
Lasts all day while I'm lifeguarding at the pool! The yellow gives me just the right natural color, its my favorite
Date: 07/01/15 Name: Courtney Location: CA, USA Age: 36-49
Only lipstick I use
I never have to worry about touch ups because Moodmatcher stays on for 12 hours!
Date: 05/22/15 Name: Lizzie Location: TX, USA Age: 18-25
Saw these be reviewed on Youtube and I just had to see the magic for myself! These are fantastic!
Date: 04/18/15 Name: Sivan Location: CA, USA Age: 36-49
Natural Looking
Every color I use seems to still look so natural! A plus is that is will not fade or smudge throughout the day!
Date: 02/14/15 Name: Pauline Location: PA, USA Age: 26-35
Lasting color!
My husband gave me these for valentines day and they're perfect! The color lasts 12 hours and it is such a beautiful natural shade!
Date: 01/02/15 Name: Annie Location: NY, USA Age: 18-25
Best xmas gift
Just received these this past christmas and I'm IN LOVE! I have used them everyday since I got them!
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