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MOODpearl® Lipsticks
Net Wt. 0.12 Oz. 3.5 g

  • Shimmer your lips with this opalescent version of MOODmatcher® Lipstick.
  • Experience softer, pearlized shades with a creamy, velvety finish you will love.
  • You can eat, drink, smooch and smile without smudging, feathering, bleeding or fading for up to 6 hours after application.

  • Wait 2 minutes for your MOODpearl lipstick color to reach its “peak” of personalized, pearlized color.
(4.8) 42 Reviews
Date: 04/13/18 Name: Betsy Location: Orlando, FL Age: 50+
will last for hours
This Mood lipstick makes you look great for hours and don"t we all like that. It doesn't smear,get on your teeth; or get on napkins or whoever you kiss. It stays on for hours;even after you eat its still on.It's the only one I have used that I have been so pleased with.
Date: 03/29/18 Name: Diane E. Grove Location: Louisiana, USA Age: 50+
Buy them all!
I've used Mood Matchers for many years and they are the only lipsticks that really do stay on. Now, these pearl ones are even better! Love them! I've been asked how my lipstick stays on throughout Jazzercise.
Date: 11/28/17 Name: Isabel, Will Location: Laredo, TX Age: 18-25
Five stars for this product
Easy To Use, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Lightweight I've always loved this color. Great price and one of my favorite lipstick! I got all the colors and they all have beautiful shade perfect for everyday use.
Date: 10/20/17 Name: Frannie R. Location: Portland, ME Age: 26-35
Secretly obsessed with this!
Easy To Use, Effective, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Lightweight, Long Lasting I know this may sound crazy, but I love the glimmering effect just as much as the long-lasting benefits. Seriously if you haven't tried this, do it. Thank you so much MOODmatcher for making these. I love the colors - not sure if Orange or Brown is my favorite. Those are definitely my top 2 though!!! These are the best!!!!
Date: 09/29/17 Name: Darlene Hughes Location: Asbury, SD Age: 26-35
keeps your lips smooth and the color really lasts!
Absorbs Quickly, Easy To Use, Effective, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Lightweight, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great Based on other review, I decided to try it. What a wonderful product! The color lasts and unlike other lipstains, does NOT dry your lips. The Fran Wilson MoodPearls show up as a lovely pink with a pearly glow. Does everything a good lip product should do and to top it all off, is affordable. Of course, love the wild colors which really psyche my friends and family - who find it hard to believe the stick is green or blue, while the color on my lips is pink.
Date: 09/25/17 Name: Shanny Location: Stockton, CA Age: 26-35
Pretty In Pink
Brightens Skin Tone, Convenient Container, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great I love this MOODpearl set because of it's pearlized shimmer effect. I only apply a light coat and I'm good to go. All six colors turn a different shade of pink on my lips which I like. Also also, I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. The fact that you can get six colors for the price of one on other brands, is just another reason to love this brand.
Date: 09/22/17 Name: Lula Tate Location: Slab, DC Age: 36-49
Good lip stain
Absorbs Quickly, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great I purchased these lip stains a few years ago an I love them, went back to order more. YEA !!!! They last a long time on your lips , I put them on lightly because if you put to much on it looks real dark. Then I use a shimmer color gloss and I'm good to go ! Thanks again
Date: 09/08/17 Name: Sophia Hardy Location: Buckley Hollow, UT Age: 36-49
Great Lipstick
Convenient Container, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great I have the matt Fran Wilson mood changing lipsticks and love them so when I saw these I had to add them to the collection. They are just as good as the matt ones and give a little extra shine. Like all Fran Wilson of this type they stay on for hours.
Date: 08/08/17 Name: Miria S. Location: Detriot, MI Age: 18-25
Smooth texture
Absorbs Quickly, Convenient Container, Easy To Use, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great I bought the Purple color. Product is exactly the same as described. My lips are extremely dry most of the time and I love that this lipstick really moisturizes well. I love that it has a lil shimmer and neutral colors. I'm definitely going to buy the rest of the colors.
Date: 08/08/17 Name: Pamela G. Location: Chicago Age: 26-35
Smooth Glitters!!
Goes On Smoothly, Lightweight, Moisturizes Well, Noticeable Results I love Moodpearl! This is a really nice product, and definitely worth the price. I have all the colors and I definitely recommend it. I like how the glitter is not overpowering the color.
Date: 01/25/17 Name: B. Sanchez Location: La Jolla, CA Age: 26-35
I Want Them All!
Easy To Use, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Noticeable Results This is my favorite lipstick of all time. Can't wait to try more colors! Love the shimmer shimmer.
Date: 01/23/17 Name: Kate Reider Location: Philadelphia, PA Age: 18-25
Magical Colors!
Easy To Use, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well Opalescent lipsticks are so in trend right now, and these Moodpearl lipsticks are the most affordable I've seen! These lipsticks glide on smoothly, giving me a moisturized and pearlized finish. I absolutely love the unique color change and recommend this product for sure!
Date: 08/08/16 Name: MILLIE N. Location: FRANKFORT, KY Age: 26-35
So great. It lasts, it's such a pretty shimmering color, and it's so cool with the MOODmatcher effect, but just with pearlized shimmer. LOVE IT!
Date: 07/20/16 Name: ALI B. Location: ST. LOUIS, MO Age: 36-49
I like the shimmer. It isn't expensive for a lipstick, and it changes color and really lasts. It isn't too strong, the colors, and looks great, at least I think so. I don't see anyone not falling in love with this lipstick. My daughter loves it, too (and she is 18).
Date: 07/04/16 Name: LILY K. Location: AVON, CT Age: 18-25
Love the colors so so so much. Love the peal effect. Wish it came it a gorgeous box, but I still love it!
Date: 04/27/16 Name: ChanChan Location: San Francisco, CA Age: 26-35
Absorbs Quickly, Effective, Good Value, Long Lasting, Non-Greasy Love the products. It sure stains your lips and is long lasting. I would love more color selections though. But overall, it's a great product with great value. I have recommended this to a few of my friends and they like it.
Date: 12/13/15 Name: Catherine E. Cronin Location: Age: 18-25
Five Stars
Love them
Date: 10/20/15 Name: Jerlene Smithson Location: Age: 50+
I love Fran Wilson's MoodPearl lipsticks
I love Fran Wilson's MoodPearl lipsticks, all colors. They stay on for hours, even after eating. They make my lips feel moist and nice. I give them 5 stars.
Date: 10/16/15 Name: M. Brinkman Location: Age: 18-25
Does the trick!
I use Moodmatchers, regular and pearl, as an essential lipstick base.
Date: 10/01/15 Name: Sonia Location: OR, USA Age: 36-49
Beautiful Color
Just like the Moodmatcher Originals, the Pearl give me the best color, but these leave a metal/pearl finish and its absolutely stunning!
Date: 04/13/15 Name: Leah Location: WI, USA Age: 50+
Favorite Lipstick
I always keep a few in each of my purses. They give me such a unique color and they are hydrating. My lips are never dry and look good!
Date: 04/03/15 Name: Stefania Location: SD, USA Age: 26-35
Had to buy them all!
Received the purple as a gift and I had to just get all the others! These products are fantastic. They literally turn to the perfect shade for me!
Date: 02/19/15 Name: Lynn Location: FL, USA Age: 36-49
Perfect Color
I love the metallic finish! The color is absolutely fantastic! My favorite is the Brown MOOD Pearl!
Date: 01/21/15 Name: Houdini Location: Hudson Valley, NY Age: 50+
excellent item
Easy To Use, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Long Lasting I have an allergic reaction to most lipsticks and have never been able to wear anything without it bleeding, irritating my lips or making crack in the corners. This product does not irritate in any way at all. It turns a lovely shade for me almost immediately and lasts a very, very long time. It doesn't feel like there's anything on the lips, either. I've only purchased a "blue" stick which turns a nice shade of pink on me, but I'm hoping to find something in the coral family as well. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has trouble wearing lipstick!!!
Date: 01/15/15 Name: Jenny Location: MI, USA Age: 18-25
The shiny finish!!
Already loved the original Moodmatcher, but just tried the Mood Peal and I'm in love! It’s the same amazing formula but the finish is a pearlized effect!
Date: 05/13/13 Name: Dana Location: Age: 36-49
Best lipstain lipsticks!
I just bought these. They are excellent. The colors are NOT just the same old super bright fuchsia pink from the 80's. They all have a subtle change of color on me. Keep in mind that your body pH will determine the color but overall, I love them. I really thought I would like the green color the best because it would be the brightest but it isn't. It is a very subtle pink/nude color. Orange, pink and brown are to my liking much more. The orange is fairly bright and on trend for this summer. Pink is a nice pink that would look good on almost every skin and the brown is similar to a bright nude/pink. Love them! And for less than $10, it is so worth the money. Oh yes, almost forgot...they also have a nice pearl sheen to them. I wish they had the ability to add photos because I have one that shows the color of each on my inner arm. And the staying power of them seems great. I haven't tested the wear out but it took makeup remover for it to come off my arm! Best lip stain lipstick so far!
Date: 04/11/13 Name: Annie Location: Age: 50+
Nice lip stain
This product is a long lasting lip stain, looks different color on everyone. Been wearing it for years and love it.
Date: 04/01/13 Name: K. D. Tao Location: Age: 50+
stay on lipstick.............
- One customer comment that it is no color or totally different color, that is not correct........That is why it is called Mood lipstick, it changes by your mood, also it is different with its color when on different people by the chemistry from the skin. Each mood lipstick will change to different color from its original color when put on your lip. Mostly pink, but some will change to red. - I have been used them for a long time, it stays on very good, I only have to put on a few times a day. Most, other lipstick only lasted until you eat or drink- then gone........ - Hope this will help you to decide, I love mine, I miss it so much when I am out-when I see my bare skin color when eat or drink ! !
Date: 11/15/12 Name: DOVE "DOVE 4 JESUS" Location: Louisiana, USA Age: 50+
I was almost reluctant to order this because I didn't know what shade it would come out as. On me, it comes out as a pretty fushia color and I am so pleased. Wears well, glad I ordered it!
Date: 06/12/12 Name: Barbara Location: Age: 50+
MoodPearl Lipsticks
I like Fran Wilson lipsticks. They are long wearing, and I do like all of the colors. I've tried all of her lipsticks, and I have been wearing them for 12 years. They are excellent.
Date: 06/12/12 Name: Koolady Location: Age: 36-49
love this stuff!
I read about this in the WALL STREET JOURNAL! Fabulous product. Highly recommend. This would make a great gift. Lasts for a very long time.
Date: 12/30/11 Name:  Kathmh Location: Age: 36-49
Love the colors!!!
I had some "mood lipsticks" probably 20 years ago and had been looking for more and never could find them so when I come across these I was really happy. The colors are wonderful and bright. I am not a "red" person so I am sharing with my family members but then there are so many in the package that they go a long way and will last a super long time.
Date: 11/28/11 Name: Elaine b Wiggs Location: Age: 50+
Whenever possible, I buy aloe based lipstick, which stays on my lips longer than other kinds do plus keeping my lips moist. These lipsticks are all winners. My only regret is that none is bright red.
Date: 10/02/11 Name: Cha Location: Age: 50+
Pretty Wicked
I got this lipstick a few days ago. I love the color change, and my sister said it was "magical". The only thing keeping me from giving it a full five stars is that the lipstick bullet is kind of tall and even when it's rolled all the way down, it touches the top of the cap. Overall, I'm pleased with the product.
Date: 09/24/11 Name: Writing_about_stuff Location: Age: 50+
Last 4 ever
This lipstick lasts forever. It comes out super bright and stays for hours. I bought it in attitude brown and it turned out to be a bright fuchsia. I don't know if I'm crazy about the color, but I love that you barely have to put any on to get a really bright color.
Date: 04/03/11 Name: Ruth A. Ballard "ruthab21" Location: Sumner, TX USA Age: 50+
Best lipstick ever!!!
I used to buy Fran Wilson lipstick at a cosmetic shop in a nearby outlet mall. The shop closed and I was unable to find it in other local stores. I was delighted to eventually find it on Amazon. I've tried other so-called long-lasting lipsticks, but Fran Wilson works best for me. I especially like the moist and creamy nature of this lipstick. I highly recommend it.
Date: 11/16/10 Name: Y. Dotson Location: Chicago, IL USA Age: 50+
fav mood lipstick
Lasts forever, pretty colors, would buy again! I'm spoiled since this stuff lasts forever on my lips even overnight!
Date: 06/30/09 Name: Anita L. Newbill "Luv2Laf" Location: Valrico, FL USA Age: 36-49
Sparkling Mood lipsticks
Wonderful products!!! Arrived fast in excellent condition and is exactly what I was hoping for!!
Date: 01/04/09 Name: Cynthia A. Heisey "Cyndi Heisey" Location: Warren, Ohio Age: 50+
I've used Fran Wilson lipsticks for years. The main reason is there is no taste or flavor to the lipstick and the color stays for a long, long time. These mood lipsticks get a five star rating from me.
Date: 08/13/08 Name: K. D. Tao Location: Age: 50+
best lipstick ever...
Girls, these are the best mood lipstick ever ! ! ! - It stays on your lip almost the whole day and the color(blue)-is very subtle and light pink color for day or night. - It just makes you look very pretty and natural. I have been using Fran Wilson for about 10 years. I used to buy from QVC but they are no longer carry it now. - I am so glad to find them on Amazon.......Amazon has everything that you want to find....Amazon rocks! - This mood lipstick come with very subtle color/s change that doesn't make you look like a clown.
Date: 03/05/08 Name: J. Saxton "BOOK SMART" Location: Age: 50+
Date: 01/16/08 Name: Cynthia A. Heisey "Cyndi Heisey" Location: Warren, Ohio Age: 50+
Fantastic lipstick
Fran Wilson makes the best lipstick. It doesn't taste and it stays on for a very long time. I've been using this for a bunch of years now and I hope I can continue to fine this great lipstick.
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