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MOODgloss™ Personalized Pink
.29 Fl Oz 8.5 mL

  • MOODgloss™ color changing lip color reacts instantly with your lips to create your own perfect shade of glossy pink.
  • Formulated with ultra-moisturizing Shea Butter, MOODgloss™ keeps lips soft and smooth.
  • Fade resistant color provides up to 5 hours longwear and intense hydration.

  • Wear it alone or over your favorite MOODmatcher® lipstick for gloss and shine.
  • Extend the staying power by blending with MOODmatcher lip color for 12 hour longwear.
  • Add volume to your pout by adding a dab of MOODgloss™ to the peak of your lips.
(4.9) 13 Reviews
Date: 12/08/17 Name: JL Location: Mesa Age: 50+
The best love!
Brightens Skin Tone, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Moisturizes Well, Non-Greasy, Noticeable Results Love love love....... Willing to buy more.....
Date: 12/05/17 Name: J J Location: Mesa Age: 50+
I like this product
Convenient Container, Easy To Use, Lightweight, Noticeable Results Good. I'll order more it.
Date: 11/28/17 Name: Pauletta Schmitt Location: Chandler, AZ Age: 26-35
Best gloss for me
Absorbs Quickly, Easy To Use, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great Great product, easy to use and a great chapped lip treatment with nice pink color.
Date: 10/23/17 Name: Kate Marie Munoz Location: San Diego, CA Age: 18-25
Best pink gloss
Absorbs Quickly, Convenient Container, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Great Color Selection, Moisturizes Well, Non-Greasy, Smells Great Love this moodgloss! I have been searching for a while for a good one, wasting money on one after the other. It's so pretty, easy to apply, and with just right amount of glossy look. Sometimes it's dark pink but mostly light pink color when i wear it on. A lot of ladies asking me what I am wearing, and I got highly praised all the time.
Date: 09/25/17 Name: CJ Dean Location: Henderson, NV Age: 36-49
I love this gloss!
Absorbs Quickly, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Non-Greasy, Smells Great I got these a couple of years ago through a beauty store near me. The store closed down and I couldn't find one near my location. Good thing I decided to check online and found this brand website. I love that I can wear them alone and it gives my lips a hint of color pink. I also wear it over my lipstick to give an extra plump to the color of my lipstick with a little gloss. Super moisturized all day!
Date: 08/08/17 Name: Marjorie Lamada Location: Philadelphia Age: 18-25
Perfect pink gloss
Brightens Skin Tone, Easy To Use, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great I love this gloss, the color is totally perfect on my skin color. I only need a little amount when applying it.
Date: 01/23/17 Name: Anne Holmes Location: Dallas, TX Age: 18-25
Beautiful Gloss!
Easy To Use, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well A color changing lip gloss! When applying the gloss, I noticed that it immediately changed to a pink color - how fascinating! This product kept my lips hydrated throughout the day and the color does not budge. If you love lip gloss, then you'll love this product! A great gift for friends as well.
Date: 10/18/15 Name: Stella Location: CA, USA Age: 26-35
So pretty
This is the coolest makeup product I own! I have two in one. It is a lip gloss and it gives me color like a lipstick!
Date: 05/29/15 Name: Mary-Anne Location: OK, USA Age: 36-49
The best
A gloss and beautiful color! I cant believe that when I apply this gloss it changes the prettiest shade of pink! Its amazing.
Date: 04/29/15 Name: Erica Location: MA, USA Age: 26-35
Just what I need!
I already was in love with Moodmatcher originals but this gloss has changed the game (for the better)!
Date: 03/30/15 Name: Lori Location: NH, USA Age: 36-49
All I use
My daughter bought me this for my birthday and I practically use it every day! I always loves gloss but this one changes color when you apply it and it is the prettiest shade!
Date: 02/02/15 Name: Olivia Location: NE, USA Age: 26-35
Super cool!!
This gloss not only feels good but also looks so pretty! It changes to a pink shade and the hydration lasts for hours!!
Date: 01/16/15 Name: Mia Location: NY, USA Age: 18-25
Crazy cool
A lip gloss that changes color! This is literally amazing! I get the perfect color, perfect gloss, AND it doesn't have that sticky feeling!
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