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Fran Wilson® Young Lips® Plumper
0.16 Fl Oz 5 mL


  • Young Lips® Plumper with Maxi-Lip™, a plumping peptide complex, adds volume & shine to enhance and define your lips day and night.
  • Applies clear and worn either under or over your favorite lipstick or used alone to highlight your lip’s natural color.
  • Aloe Vera and Vitamin E help your lips stay hydrated and moisturized, while looking beautifully soft and full.

  • Aloe Vera – instantly rejuvenates and hydrates even extra-dry, flaky lips
  • Vitamin E – protects and balances natural hydration levels
  • Maxi-Lip™, a plumping peptide complex helps enhance volume
(4.8) 22 Reviews
Date: 11/28/17 Name: Doloris Lyle Location: Chesapeake, VA Age: 18-25
happy with my purchase
Very nice gloss and Im happy with this purchase. Nice soft clear gloss that is perfect for every day wear and NOT overly sticky or messy, great product.
Date: 10/22/17 Name: Wendy Cheng Location: Waverly, IN Age: 26-35
Five Stars
Absorbs Quickly, Easy To Use, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Non-Greasy, Smells Great Stays on for hours! I hate it when I have to keep applying lip gloss every 20 minutes so this was a great surprise for me. Inexpensive for amazing quality! Smells good too!! It stays on for a long time and heals my chapped lips.
Date: 09/28/17 Name: Lorena Boyd Location: Robberson, WA Age: 18-25
Five Stars
Absorbs Quickly, Easy To Use, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Non-Greasy, Smells Great Nice and soft on the lips and lipstick glides over it beautifully. The high shine makes a great clear gloss.
Date: 09/25/17 Name: Stefanie Lewitt Location: Chula Vista, CA Age: 18-25
I Definitely Recommend!!
Effective, Goes On Smoothly, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well I love this lip plumper! I already have full lips but I was just looking for something to smoothen up and make my lips plump a bit. This product really does the trick! It's more moisturizing than any chap stick I've tried, and I use it before or also after applying my lipstick.
Date: 09/18/17 Name: Ora Vaughn Location: Sandberg, MI Age: 26-35
Five Stars
Love this lip product. My lips feel great, so smooth and I love to use it before applying lipstick. Great product!
Date: 09/07/17 Name: Marlene Mccoy Location: Bethel, IA Age: 26-35
Best plumper!!
Absorbs Quickly, Convenient Container, Easy To Use, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great I’m white so I don’t have lips, especially upper. I always use lip plumper and most of the time it stings badly or has a shit ton of cinnamon. This doesn't give me the tingling effect like the other brand that I've owned before, it's a great product and I love how it feels on my lips!
Date: 08/08/17 Name: Melinda B. Location: Georgia Age: 36-49
So smooth!
Absorbs Quickly, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Lightweight, Moisturizes Well, Smells Great I love to topped it off with my matte lipsticks. It has a smooth texture that goes on smoothly when you apply it. It totally works with any lipstick or even just using it alone.
Date: 01/23/17 Name: Giovanna O. Location: Norwich, CT Age: 18-25
The Perfect Plumper!
Easy To Use, Effective, Good Value, Noticeable Results It works! After applying Young Lips Plumper, there was a cooling sensation, and I noticed that my lips looked fuller with a glossy shine. If you're looking for an effective lip plumper, search no more, because this product does the trick!
Date: 08/19/16 Name: NATALIA Z. Location: BEDFORD, NH Age: 36-49
It really works, and it adds SHINE! I really like using this over my lipstick, any color. It adds such a nice gloss, and I feel it gives my lips a bit of volume.
Date: 12/18/15 Name: Serra LeBlanc Location: Austin, Texas, USA Age: 18-25
Kylie Jenner Lips in a Bottle
Absorbs Quickly, Convenient Container, Easy To Use, Effective, Gentle, Goes On Smoothly, Good Value, Improves Skin Texture, Lightweight, Long Lasting, Moisturizes Well, Non-Greasy, Noticeable Results, Smells Great, Softens Skin, Soothing Notceable difference instantly. Tingly sensation soothes and invigorates.High gloss, super sexy full pouty effect.10/10
Date: 10/28/15 Name: Gabrielle Location: NY, USA Age: 18-25
the best!!!
This is a miracle worker! Even though it can be used as a gloss, I put it on before bed because when I wake up my lips look and feel fuller!!
Date: 10/05/15 Name: Sabrina Location: CA, USA Age: 26-35
Cant get enough
Im currently obsessing over this plumper! It adds the prettiest finishing touch on top of my lipstick. It feels good too, not even sticky!
Date: 04/22/15 Name: Shannon Location: VA, USA Age: 18-25
Really works!
My lips have never looked better! I apply lip plumper every day, either on top of the moodmatcher lipstick or by itself! It looks good and feels good!
Date: 03/06/15 Name: Francesca Location: NJ, USA Age: 18-25
Best Lip Plumper!
It’s not sticky at all and my lips look fuller every day! It also moisturizer my lips!!
Date: 02/28/15 Name: Alexandra Location: FL, USA Age: 26-35
I put this onto on everything! It is the perfect gloss because it is not sticky at all and makes my lips look plumper!
Date: 05/19/13 Name: Judith Perlstein Location: VA, USA Age: 50+
Love this lip product!
I have been using Young Lips Lip Plumping product for several years. I only use this lip plumper at night, and in the morning, my lips are moisturized, soft & plump. I have tried a few others, but always come back to the it. I have not been able to find this product at Ulta lately, so decided to look on So glad I did! Order came early....before predicted delivery date, and it cost less!! Ordering process was so easy.....will order this product again from Amazon. Thank you!
Date: 05/09/13 Name: Kathy Location: USA Age: 50+
love it!,
great for overnight wear! have used it for years...never disappointed...Give it a try! Fulfills every promise that it makes to keep your lips full!
Date: 04/25/13 Name: T Hill Location: USA Age: 50+
Best lip plumper!!
This is the best lip plumper by far. The colors in Lip fusion are great for day to keep that full lip look.
Date: 04/21/13 Name: Keti Location: USA Age: 50+
Great product!
I am very skeptical about lip plumping glosses, but this is the only excepting! I have small and thin lips and i love what this gloss does. Its not to say that your lips are getting bigger, but they look really full and smooth. I've been using it for 5 month and will always use, until they will create even better product. But now its the best!
Date: 02/12/13 Name: Ally G Location: USA Age: 50+
Nightly beauty treatment
I leave it on the stand by my bed so I don't forget and use it every night. My lips feel fuller in the morning. It's not a miracle, but it helps.
Date: 10/07/12 Name: C Barro Location: USA Age: 50+
!!!big lips!!!
have been using this for about 2 months every night wake up with beautiful much fuller lips and lasts a long time highly recommend****
Date: 08/13/12 Name: Petunia Location: USA Age: 50+
Great Lip Product
While this product is not a great lip plumper, it is great as a moisturizer before applying lipstick. It not only moisturizes but it reduces the lip lines and is a staying power for lipstick. My lipstick stays on for hours if Young Lips is used before applying lipstick. This is a keep for me.Fran Wilson Young Lips Luscious Lip Plumper
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